Our coaching is most effective when you…

  • Take time for yourself – a coaching session takes approx. 50 minutes time. It is recommendable to plan at least 60 minutes time. The coaching session might take longer. In addition, it might be that you will need some time for reflection or write things down after the session. 
  • Take space for yourself – If the coaching happens via phone or Skype, make sure that you are in an environment where you can do the coaching without any distractions. This will only serve you to be fully present. Create a space where you can just fully be you. 
  • If you have already an idea or ideas, for which you would like to use the coaching, bring them with you! If you don’t have specific ones – check the questionnaire again. It is not about answering every question in detail. However, if one question is drawing your attention, this might give you indications what you currently need most. 
  •    If you have any questions regarding the coaching agreement, please bring them with you.
  •    Please bring a printed form of the coaching protocol! You will need it for the first coaching sessions.
  • Be motivated, curious and ready for fun 🙂 


See you at our first Coaching session!