What do I offer?

The term 'systemic' refers to the influence of the larger whole on the individual. The first system, our family of origin, leaves a deep blueprint in us. We unconsciously repeat the dynamics and patterns we encountered there in later systems; such as in our work context and personal relationships. We will look at your question from a systemic perspective. We will look at potential blockages in your environment and your inner belief system. Coaching is about moving from an "aha moment" into action. How can you integrate new ways of being into your day to day life? What techniques and agreements will support you in creating a new reality?
In a small and intimate group setting you will discover hidden and unconscious dynamics in your (family) system. Which areas of your life feel blocked and how might this be connected with the dynamics and patterns of your family system? Are there hidden loyalties between you and your family members? Do you feel that you carry something that is not yours? Do you feel a disconnect from your essence? It is possible to have single constellations which last between 3 hours and a day or a sustainable group which comes together several times a year.

Package Price

Single Coaching Session

Single coaching sessions costs for private clients 75€, for business clients 150€. Both include BTW. The session will take place in a safe place where you can fully open up. The exact location will be arranged upon mutual agreement, either online or in the area of Amsterdam.

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Systemic Constellation

For private clients, a coaching cycle of 6 sessions costs 400€. For business clients, a coaching cycle of 6 sessions costs 800€. The prices include BTW.

Tailored Offer

I do offer consultation and training support. The offer will be tailored to your request. Please get in touch with me to specify the nature of your request.

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