What a Coaching Session with me looks like

What a Coaching Session with me looks like

What will Coaching bring you?

Figure out your needs and align your life to them. Consciousness Coaching will uplift the unknown and allow you to get to your desired destination.
Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals. Once you are able to take control of your own destiny you will experience less effort and increased performance in all areas of your life.
You will attract positive coincidences and start seeing new possibilities.
Breathe, relax, look inside and become content with your inner and outer world. Through the coaching you will experience greater focus, clarity, and purpose.

Coaching Steps

The 3 steps towards your Coaching Journey

Coaching format

1 to 1 coaching

Face-to-face coaching sessions are possible in Maastricht and surroundings. The session will take place in a safe place where you can fully open up. The exact location will be arranged upon mutual agreement.

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Skype Call

In case you are living outside of Maastricht, we can always schedule an online call. Preferably via the software Zoom. Just make sure that you find a safe spot without any distractions. Also check your technical connection beforehand. A seamless and focused coaching session is key.

Phone Call

I do offer coaching sessions via phone. Make sure to be in a quiet and safe place where you can open up freely. Also consider to prevent any distractions. A focused coaching session is key.

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How can I support you?

1. Coaching ≠ Helping! 

I will treat you as an expert in all aspects of your life. My role is to be fully available and apply effective questioning techniques to get you where you choose to be.

2. You are enough

Coaching starts with the conviction that every person is complete and has all the resources to create the life he/she loves, and achieve their goals. A coaching session is a joint effort in which we explore your inner power and abilities and bring them into motion 😉 

3. Coaching brings value 

Coaching accompanies the client on the way and is an effective tool to realize individual growth way faster than it would be possible without support. 

4. We will heighten your awareness! 

Consciousness Coaching views coaching as a way of life – as a way to communicate, which enables all sides to leave an interaction with empowerment and “a little more” enlightened 

5. Coaching can be fun!

Yes, throughout the coaching there might be moments that are confronting and challenging. And yes, the coaching process can be light and enjoyable. Let’s make it a healthy mix of both 😉