01 Nov

Week 6: The importance of purpose amidst challenging times

The global pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we live. Surely, it has been a confronting year with an increase in fear, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotional responses. One important element to stay centered amidst the storm around me was to align with my purpose. Purpose is not a destination, suggests research, but a journey and a practice. In this week’s blog post, I will share some tricks & tools that are useful to live a purposeful life. Values As on every journey, it is important to plan and take the right equipment with you. A good starting
17 Oct

Week 5: Intimacy & Closeness

During the past 3 weeks, I’ve been joining a workshop series on closeness and intimacy. In a small group, we practiced active listening to our bodies and practiced to communicate our (somatic) boundaries. The 3 weeks built around 3 main subjects: Self-awareness & Self-care,  Consciously shaping your relationships, Consent, Boundaries & Open communication. Each week we had a blend of individual, partner, and group exercises. In a playful and lightful manner, we immersed in practices from non-violent communication and dance/drama therapy. Despite the “physical” limitations because of the coronavirus, I had invaluable learning moments that I want to share with
29 Sep

Week 4: What it means to live a conscious life

When I wrote my master thesis in 2017 about the role of self-awareness in leadership development programmes, something profound happened. Something that goes beyond the academic experience of writing a thesis. I found my way into conscious living. What exactly led to this shift in my life? I can’t boil it down to one factor, to be honest. It could be the empowering and liberating way I got raised by parents who immersed in spiritual and therapeutical work for many decades; the first encounter with meditation; my first coaching experiences; or just my genuine curiosity to try new things. In
31 Aug

Week 1 – Dancing Through Life

Week 1 – Dancing Through Life
I grew up with dancing. My mother danced all her life – with a big heart for different african dances. My father dived into modern dances such as contact dance and 5 rhythm dance. Not surprisingly from a very early age onward my parents took me to dancing events. I vividly remember the smiling, expressive, and lively faces of people moving their hips to the cheerful sounds. After telling my parents about the self-experiment and the first topic ‘dancing’, my mother pulled out a DVD which was called “Breath made visible” with Anna Halprin. It was the first time I
22 Aug

The 90-Days Happiness Self-Experiment

The 90-Days Happiness Self-Experiment
I am starting a 90 days happiness self-experiment. 12 happiness-related topics ranging from western science (e.g. mindfulness) to eastern Philosophy (e.g. Buddhism) will guide this journey. Each week, I will unravel a question, practice, or technique to engage with one of the 12 topics. My research will consist of interviews with experts, studying books, and other materials.
03 Mar

Misconceptions about happiness: “Seeking for happiness might even backfire”

How to be happier in 2019? Switching jobs? Buying a new car? Following the advice of that self-help book you got for Christmas? What makes us truly happy? Some people see happiness as a momentary feeling after their favourite meal. Others see it as a state of mind. When talking about happiness people tend to deviate in their definition. Many of these public understandings about happiness contradict from science. This article debunks three widely spread misconceptions on happiness and what you can do about them. Happiness is not a choice trap We are not completely in control regarding our level