05 Mar

90 Days Happiness self-experiment – Lessons Learned

What makes us truly happy? In the past months, I’ve been experimenting with this and other happiness-related questions and shared my experiences with you in eleven blog posts. What did I find out? Did I find the key to happiness? Let me share my conclusion and left questions in this post. Do we need to be always in a good mood in order to experience happiness? What do you imagine if you think of happiness? Naturally, we think of smiling, enthusiastic, energetic people who live their life to the fullest. Is this true happiness? Is this what we all long
30 Dec

Week 10 – Practice Forgiveness to start 2021 with an Open Heart

Forgiveness helped me to let go of bitterness about past relationships and become open to new ones. Most of us have experienced forgiveness in some way, but do we understand the concept and its benefits? In this post, I will dive into the power of forgiveness and outline how the practice of forgiveness will support you in starting 2021 with a fresh, healed, and open heart. Let’s define Forgiveness  Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield describes the act of forgiveness as “giving up all hope for a better past.” Forgiveness is a way to move on. It is an internal process in
01 Nov

Week 6: The importance of purpose amidst challenging times

The global pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we live. Surely, it has been a confronting year with an increase in fear, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotional responses. One important element to stay centered amidst the storm around me was to align with my purpose. Purpose is not a destination, suggests research, but a journey and a practice. In this week’s blog post, I will share some tricks & tools that are useful to live a purposeful life. Values As on every journey, it is important to plan and take the right equipment with you. A good starting
29 Sep

Week 4: What it means to live a conscious life

When I wrote my master thesis in 2017 about the role of self-awareness in leadership development programmes, something profound happened. Something that goes beyond the academic experience of writing a thesis. I found my way into conscious living. What exactly led to this shift in my life? I can’t boil it down to one factor, to be honest. It could be the empowering and liberating way I got raised by parents who immersed in spiritual and therapeutical work for many decades; the first encounter with meditation; my first coaching experiences; or just my genuine curiosity to try new things. In
24 Mar

5 ways to protect your mental health during COVID-19

Locking oneself for a few weeks while avoiding as much physical contact as possible (i.e. social distancing) is not very common for most of us. The current uncertainty about future decisions such as job applications and travels makes it even harder to calm down and relax. At the same time, the overload of disinformation on social media creates additional fear and anxiety. So what can we do in these turbulent times to stay calm and grounded? I have good news. We can learn and grow from the current situation. Let me share five simple activities that will bring you gratitude