31 Aug

Week 1 – Dancing Through Life

Week 1 – Dancing Through Life
I grew up with dancing. My mother danced all her life – with a big heart for different african dances. My father dived into modern dances such as contact dance and 5 rhythm dance. Not surprisingly from a very early age onward my parents took me to dancing events. I vividly remember the smiling, expressive, and lively faces of people moving their hips to the cheerful sounds. After telling my parents about the self-experiment and the first topic ‘dancing’, my mother pulled out a DVD which was called “Breath made visible” with Anna Halprin. It was the first time I
22 Aug

The 90-Days Happiness Self-Experiment

The 90-Days Happiness Self-Experiment
I am starting a 90 days happiness self-experiment. 12 happiness-related topics ranging from western science (e.g. mindfulness) to eastern Philosophy (e.g. Buddhism) will guide this journey. Each week, I will unravel a question, practice, or technique to engage with one of the 12 topics. My research will consist of interviews with experts, studying books, and other materials.
24 Mar

5 ways to protect your mental health during COVID-19

Locking oneself for a few weeks while avoiding as much physical contact as possible (i.e. social distancing) is not very common for most of us. The current uncertainty about future decisions such as job applications and travels makes it even harder to calm down and relax. At the same time, the overload of disinformation on social media creates additional fear and anxiety. So what can we do in these turbulent times to stay calm and grounded? I have good news. We can learn and grow from the current situation. Let me share five simple activities that will bring you gratitude
03 Mar

Misconceptions about happiness: “Seeking for happiness might even backfire”

How to be happier in 2019? Switching jobs? Buying a new car? Following the advice of that self-help book you got for Christmas? What makes us truly happy? Some people see happiness as a momentary feeling after their favourite meal. Others see it as a state of mind. When talking about happiness people tend to deviate in their definition. Many of these public understandings about happiness contradict from science. This article debunks three widely spread misconceptions on happiness and what you can do about them. Happiness is not a choice trap We are not completely in control regarding our level
19 Oct


Hi there! I want to welcome you to my coaching website. First of all, visiting this website demonstrates your genuine interest in working on yourself. Working on yourself means to have the courage to face your fears, explore your talents, and connect to your emotional and physical body. Congrats, this is the very first step to live up to your potential! What to expect from this Website? “Detach from needing to have things work out in a certain way. The universe is perfect and there are no failures. Give yourself the gift of detatching from your worries and trust that