About Jaro

Hi, I am Jaro Pichel - consciousness coach and trainer. A coaching session with me is based on non-judgemental questioning and in-depth conversations that elevate my client's self-awareness. I have an academic background in psychology and learning science, which allows me to combine theoretical expertise and practical techniques in every coach-client interaction. I work both with individual clients and groups to explore and discover the power and beauty within us.

Why Coaching?


Explore and connect to your needs and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over fears and change your job or habits.


Breathe, relax, look inside and become content with your inner and outer world.

What is Coaching?

Coaching starts with the conviction that every person is complete and has all the resources to create the life he/she loves, and achieve their goals.
Awakening and nurturing these potentials is the goal of coaching.

Consciousness Coaching is based on classical coaching – and adds the awareness creation of the client. What kind of awareness? For emotional and behavioral mechanisms, which can support one to achieve one’s goals. As such, consciousness coaching opens up new perspectives and let the client explore unknown possibilities. This enables the client to get – with less effort – to their goals.

Is Consciousness Coaching For Me?


You acknowledge individual talents and believe that human capital is the greatest asset of your organization? I support you to make this belief reality.
My coaching and training will be most fruitful for:

  • Young professionals/trainees
  • Starting managers/leaders
  • Small business teams
  • Both profit or non-profit organizations


My coaching works best for young individuals who are:

  • Indecisive about future decisions (which study to choose, finding the right job)
  • Want to explore their passion, their driver in life
  • Still need to find their place in life
  • Struggle with their current study and/or job
  • Want to incorporate mindfulness/consciousness into their work and/or day-to-day life


I am fully committed to my clients by...


actively listening to, empowering, and enabling my clients to excel in all parts of their lives;


opening their minds and hearts, to raise awareness, and to create a sense of purpose and meaning;


bringing clarity, strategies, and opportunities to achieve personal and professional results that they desire.



I am ready to take the next steps!

Are you ready to move your way forward? To live a life filled with love, trust, and fullfilment? Ready to take the next steps in your career, or pause for a second? Then schedule your intake session. We will define your goals and address any questions from your side. I will explain you the power and effectiveness of my coaching methodology and check if this matches your expectations.


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Week 7: How to live mindfully in stressful times?
Week 6: The importance of purpose amidst challenging times

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