About Jaro

Hi, I am Jaro Pichel - consciousness coach and trainer. A coaching session with me is based on non-judgemental questioning and in-depth conversations that elevate my client's self-awareness. I have an academic background in psychology and learning science, which allows me to combine theoretical expertise and practical techniques in every coach-client interaction. I work both with individual clients and groups to explore and discover the power and beauty within us.

Why Consciousness Coaching?


Become aware of your needs and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over fears and change your habits.


Become compassionate with your inner and outer world.

Is Consciousness Coaching For Me?


You acknowledge individual talents and believe that human capital is the greatest asset of your organization? I support you to make this belief reality.
My coaching and training will be most fruitful for:

  • Young professionals/trainees
  • Starting managers/leaders
  • Small business teams
  • Both profit or non-profit organizations


My coaching works best for young individuals who are:

  • Indecisive about future decisions (which study to choose, finding the right job)
  • Want to explore their passion, their driver in life
  • Still need to find their place in life
  • Struggle with their current study and/or job
  • Want to incorporate mindfulness/consciousness into their work and/or day-to-day life


I am fully committed to my clients by...


actively listening to, empowering, and enabling my clients to excel in all parts of their lives;


opening their minds and hearts, to raise awareness, and to create a sense of purpose and meaning;


bringing clarity, strategies, and opportunities to achieve personal and professional results that they desire.


What my clients say

Coaching Testimonial

Jaro facilitates a very safe environment, a warm connection and an open space.
In this setting he guides me each time to an outcome I had never expected.
I have already reached some beautiful goals through his coaching and I always look forward to the next one.



Teacher / Coach

Testimonial Coaching

In the safe, warmhearted and sensitive space that Jaro creates, it is fairly easy to drop any blockages. I experienced several coaching sessions with Jaro, all of which gave me a feeling of lightness and relief. What I also liked is the humor. Thank you!



Journalist / Author / Coach

Testimonial Coaching

Jaro gave me an extraordinary supportive Coaching Cycle. All of my goals I have reached in less time than expected.
I highly recommend Jaros Coaching to anyone who is on their way to excellence!!!




Testimonial Coaching

The coaching sessions with Jaro Pichel helped me becoming aware of the values that shape my decisions regarding career choices, and acting upon my insights. I enjoyed the way Jaro created in his coaching sessions the right setting for constructive discussion and reflection. Jaro also helped me translating problems into action plans and goals. Yet, the strategies Jaro helped me develop already have turned out to be useful beyond the goals I had set for the coaching initially.



Postdoc, University Teacher

Testimonial Coaching

I have experienced a high quality coaching process with Jaro. The sessions have greatly helped me understand what my goals were and how to attain them. I have noticed important changes in my life since I finished the coaching with Jaro, and I believe they were initiated during the sessions together. I would highly recommend Jaro as a coach.




Testimonial Coaching

Mein Coaching-Zyklus mit Jaro war fordernd und vor allem fördernd. Ich hatte in jeder Session das Gefühl, dass er sehr individuell auf mich und meine Ziele eingegangen ist. Jaros positive Energie hat sich stets neu auf mich übertragen, wovon ich nachhaltig profitiere.
Wer Interesse an einem Coaching, sollte Jaro wählen!




I am ready to take the next steps!

Are you ready to move your way forward? To live a life filled with love, trust, and fullfilment? Ready to take the next steps in your career, or pause for a second? Then schedule your intake session. We will define your goals and address any questions from your side. I will explain you the power and effectiveness of my coaching methodology and check if this matches your expectations.


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Week 10 – Practice Forgiveness to start 2021 with an Open Heart

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